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Mike Sisco


Mike Sisco, CEO of Embed Digital, is a recognized authority in North America's digital signage, marketing, and systems integration arena. His expertise, unwavering dedication, and dynamic work ethic have established him as an industry expert. Mike thrives on navigating the ever-evolving technological landscape, consistently pioneering innovative hardware and software solutions that set new standards and foster industry collaboration. 


With a track record of groundbreaking achievements, Mike's contributions include pioneering the in-car GPS turn-by-turn navigation system and introducing revolutionary products like Lutron's Radio Ra lighting control system and Netstream DigiLinx AV control systems. His forward-thinking entrepreneurial mindset consistently predicts the future of emerging technologies.Currently, Mike focuses on reshaping Retail, QSR, and Fast Casual verticals by creating custom hardware and software platforms that deliver game-changing, first-to-market solutions.

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