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LOOKBEYOND23 - Revealing the Future of Digital Signage

Prepare to embark on a journey that will shape the future landscape of the digital signage industry. We cordially invite you to LOOKBEYOND23, a ground-breaking event brought to life by industry leaders like Samsung, the Global Signage Alliance, ScreenCom, and MagicInfo Services. This isn't merely an event; it's a milestone marking the dawn of a new era in digital signage. Reserve your spot now! 


LOOKBEYOND23 Programme - Secure Your Participation

LOOKBEYOND23 is more than just a conference; it's an exclusive platform that will dive deep into Samsung's digital signage solutions and push the boundaries of what's possible. Whether you're a newcomer eager to gain knowledge or an industry veteran ready to share your expertise, LOOKBEYOND23 offers a diverse range of sessions tailored to your needs. Below you can find the LOOKBEYOND23 program per hour and session. Make sure to note down your favourite ones on your calendar! 


LOOKBEYOND23 official schedule


As you can see from the programme, we’ve some exciting topics lined up for you from Samsung software lectures and how-to sessions to case studies by leading experts and industry lectures by pros, like Sebastian Op het Veld from MyAdbooker. Make sure you register today and get your ticket to the event




Must-Visit Session at LOOKBEYOND23

Don't miss out on the much-anticipated launch of ScreenCom's Widget Marketplace at LOOKBEYOND23. This revolutionary platform promises a wealth of benefits, including comprehensive access to our Support Portal, offering rich online resources and personalised help. Enjoy the convenience of quick, hassle-free setup and technical management by our dedicated specialists. Plus, the Widget Marketplace provides flexible agreement options, with monthly or annual choices to suit your needs.

Also, be sure not to miss Samsung's digital signage maestro, Peter Grillo, as he unveils the latest software operating system, TIZEN 7. This session will offer a unique glimpse into the future of digital signage technology. We also have an engaging lecture on Energy Saving Tips by Samsung's Hugh Bourne and 4Infinity's Davy Bockx. 

Featured Speakers at LookBeyond23 

In this blog post, we spotlight a few remarkable speakers who will share their invaluable insights and experiences at LOOKBEYOND23. While it's impossible to cover all the speakers in depth here, these professionals are notable for their vast contributions to their respective fields. 

  • Sebastian op het Veld, Head of Programmatic at MyAdbooker
  • Dr. Johannes Tröger, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Business Development at AMERIA
  • Bjørn Pieper, CEO of SDS Solutions
  • Mikael Krogius, CTO of EWQ


Sebastian op het Veld, Head of Programmatic at MyAdbooker

Sebastian Op het Veld, a luminary in the realm of programmatic advertising and digital marketing, has dedicated over a decade to the inception of the first Supply Side Platform (SSP) for Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising at MyAdbooker. His groundbreaking endeavours have connected the traditional and digital worlds of advertising, providing advertisers with a more dynamic, cost-efficient, and flexible way to reach their audiences.


Curious to learn more about Sebastian's insights on programmatic advertising? Secure your spot today.

Dr. Johannes Tröger, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Business Development at AMERIA

Since joining AMERIA in 2014, Dr. Johannes Tröger has left an indelible mark on the retail and various industries. His contributions to business development, partner management, and sales have been profoundly influential. 

Driven by a deep commitment to innovating human-machine interfaces, he has played a pivotal role in propelling gesture control into global recognition. Furthermore, he champions gesture control as a fun, swift, convenient, safe, and sometimes the only viable solution.

Bjørn Pieper, CEO of SDS Solutions

Bjørn Pieper, a renowned consultant with extensive experience, has been instrumental in assisting diverse industries, including retail and airports, in harnessing data for valuable insights, cost reductions, and streamlined processes. 

His significant contributions have greatly influenced the worldwide adoption of Smart Digital Signage solutions. Currently serving as the CEO of SDS Solutions, he focuses on facilitating data-driven transformations through visualisation and IoT.

Mikael Krogius, CTO of EWQ

Mikael Krogius is an experienced professional with over 30 years in the IT industry and currently holds the position of CTO at EWQ. He plays a pivotal role in enabling the creation of a highly effective and distinctive microservice architecture. 

This architecture seamlessly integrates various digital systems, including Digital Signage displays, Electronic Shelf Labels, and Queue Management Systems, to deliver valuable information on digital canvases within the retail environment.


Don’t Miss Your Chance - Sign Up Today!

Immerse yourself in a sea of knowledge and innovation with an impressive roster of sessions and speakers at our upcoming event. We're thrilled to announce the official launch of ScreenCom's Widget Marketplace and an insightful lecture by Peter Grillo on the sophisticated software operating system, TIZEN 7. These unique offerings provide an unmatched learning experience, facilitating networking, and fostering innovation. 

Our esteemed speakers, including industry mavens like Sebastian op het Veld, Dr. Johannes Tröger, Bjørn Pieper, and Mikael Krogius, will share their hard-earned expertise and innovative thinking. They're ready to provide attendees with valuable insights and inspiration that can drive your business forward. 

Be a part of this trailblazing event that's set to redefine the digital signage landscape. By registering today, you not only secure your place but also open doors to a world of industry insights and networking opportunities. 

Mark your calendar for LOOKBEYOND23 – where the future of digital signage is not just discussed, but shaped. This is your chance to be at the forefront of industry advancements and trends. So, why wait? 


Register now and step into the future of digital signage

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