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Maximising Your Online Experience: 6 Tips for Attending LOOKBEYOND23

LOOKBEYOND attending tips

As the pre-registrations for LOOKBEYOND23, the first edition of the online event dedicated to MagicINFO and Samsung VXT digital signage enthusiasts opened last month, this is the perfect time to share with you 6 useful tips for attending virtual events so you can make the most of your experience. 

If you haven't pre-registered for LOOKBEYOND23 yet, we strongly encourage you to do so, as pre-registrants get free access to the event. 

TIP 1: Set your goals 

This should come as no surprise as any career-oriented action should be governed by what you wish to achieve, in other words, your goals for attending this event. An even better way of making sure you're getting what you want from this experience is to make sure your goals are SMART. 

Whether you are looking for effective ways to monetize your digital signage investment, wish to learn about sustainability in digital signage, how to improve your content strategy, or get inspired by success stories and case studies using MagicINFO or VXT, attending LOOKBEYOND will get you one step closer to accomplishing your goals with digital signage. All you need to do is think about why you are attending this event and what are your expectations regarding the knowledge and experience you hope to gain. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to learn more about sustainability of digital signage, check out this useful resource where our partner, MagicInfo Services, explains in detail the basics of sustainability in digital signage. 

TIP 2: Lock your agenda and schedule your day

Just like any impactful professional event, it's critical to set aside dedicated time for LOOKBEYOND23. Inform colleagues, clients, or family members about your unavailability during the scheduled sessions to minimize distractions. 

By effectively locking your agenda and creating specific time slots for each session, you ensure focused involvement. Setting reminders can be beneficial to alert you about upcoming sessions, allowing you to prepare beforehand and avoid missing out on valuable insights. Consider time zone differences if applicable, and adjust your schedule accordingly to accommodate sessions happening in different time zones.

TIP 3: Check your settings and find the right workspace

Another important thing to bear in mind is that, since this event will be online only, it is very important for you to check your computer settings well in advance. Here you should check the internet connection, making sure the internet speed is optimal, allowing you to not miss a thing. Video conferencing typically requires around 1.5 to 2 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up for participants in a one-to-one call with two parties. Generally, the higher the Mbps the better, so some providers recommend a 3 Mbps connection to improve the experience. Google has a handy tool that allows you to check your internet speed in seconds. 

Next, you'll want to make sure that the audio is working properly and here you should focus on blocking any background noise that might prevent you from being able to actively participate in the sessions. To solve this issue, ideally, you would set your working space for the duration of the event in a place that is quiet enough for you. 

TIP 4: Connect on social media 

Networking is a key advantage of attending business events, and the virtual nature of LOOKBEYOND23 doesn't limit that. As we start unveiling the event's speakers, keep an eye on our social media channels to get a sense of who will be there. You can follow LOOKBEYOND on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay updated with the latest news about the event. 

Also, during the event, actively engage in conversation, sharing your thoughts and experiences. Remember to use the event's official hashtag #LOOKBEYOND23 to increase the visibility of your posts and enhance your networking opportunities.

TIP 5: Branch out 

Although LOOKBEYOND23 is dedicated to MagicINFO and Samsung VXT users, the event offers a plethora of knowledge beyond these platforms. Use this as an opportunity to widen your understanding of digital signage as a whole. 

Don't limit yourself to only the sessions that immediately resonate with your work. Attend workshops or keynotes on topics you know less about or that might challenge your current perceptions. This branching out could spark new interests, potentially opening up unexpected avenues for your professional growth.

TIP 6: Schedule breaks 

An essential yet often overlooked aspect of attending online events is the importance of scheduling breaks. Absorbing new information can be mentally taxing, and it's important to pace yourself to maintain enthusiasm and focus throughout the event. Plan breaks to coincide with natural transitions between sessions. Use this time to stretch, hydrate, or even take a quick walk. This downtime allows your brain to process the information learned and helps reduce fatigue, keeping you energized for the next session.

You have reached the end of today's blog, in which we covered 6 useful tips for attending virtual events, from setting goals for attending the event to scheduling breaks whenever you feel they are necessary. Join us to learn more valuable tips, forge partnerships, and enhance your digital signage projects. Don't wait, secure your spot at LOOKBEYOND23 and unlock the potential of MagicINFO and VXT.

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