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Meet the Experts at LOOKBEYOND24 Event: Transforming the Digital Signage Landscape

Are you looking for a way to level up your communication efforts? Perhaps you are trying to digitalise operations in the office. Maybe you are looking for ways to create impactful content for digital screens or just simply trying to understand what the whole digital signage hype is about in the first place. 

Look no further! LOOKBEYOND is the best place to get started. Reuniting experts from all over the world, this gathering promises to be even better than the first edition. For more insights, read our official press release to learn how LOOKBEYOND is transforming the digital Signage landscape with Samsung's VXT.

LOOKBEYOND24: The First Virtual Event Dedicated to Digital Signage Innovations

LOOKBEYOND24 is the second edition of the first online event dedicated to innovative digital signage solutions, scheduled to take place on the 6th of November. 

LOOKBEYOND is more than an event—it is an innovation hub for digital signage. Annually, we connect technology pioneers, business leaders and creative thinkers who are reshaping customer engagement through advanced digital solutions. Our focus is on leveraging the synergy between digital communication and marketing to provide actionable insights and strategies.

After last year's resounding success, we are happy to announce in this article the first round of experts who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with you. 

If you still need to secure your spot, you can easily do this using the button below.


Bastiaan Amsing – Elevate Digital Signage with Data-Driven Technologies


Bastiaan Amsing, with over a decade of experience in software and design for digital displays, is a seasoned expert in the technologies that power these systems. Known for his role as CEO of ScreenCom and MagicInfo Services and for founding the Global Signage Alliance, Bastiaan has been delighting audiences all over the world with his knowledge and insights. From the stages of Integrated Systems Europe to GITEX Africa and PIFA, Bastiaan has been covering a variety of topics related to digital signage. 

At LOOKBEYOND24, Bastiaan will be discussing how to harness the power of data-driven digital signs to turn urban spaces into smart cities. In addition to that, you will also get the chance to see Bastiaan in a panel discussion covering the differences between narrowcasting and digital signage.


Wybren Jongstra – Deep Dive into Samsung's Latest CMS, VXT


When it comes to business strategy for fostering technological innovation, Wybren Jongstra is truly an authority in this industry. Known for his role as general manager at ScreenCom, Wybren has been the driving force behind the dynamic team that creates custom digital signage solutions. 

At this year's edition of LOOKBEYOND, Wybren will be discussing the newest Content Management System (CMS) that Samsung officially launched at ISE in February. Prepare for a session that will guide you through all the important features Samsung VXT has to offer.


Joey Mensen – Mastering Data-driven Strategies for Digital Screens


A familiar face to all experienced MagicINFO users who have been following him for years on YouTube, Joey Mensen is the go-to expert when it comes to this software solution. With almost a decade of experience in Samsung's most popular CMS for digital screens, Joey has been sharing his knowledge and expertise, discussing how to leverage digital signage for businesses that are interested in improving their communication efforts. 

Join Joey at LOOKBEYOND24 and learn all about the role of data in shaping the future of digital signs. The session will cover strategies for leveraging data to enhance content relevance, viewer engagement and the overall effectiveness of digital signage campaigns.


Yan Mulder – Integrating Visual Design and Effective Storytelling


Yan Mulder is a creative visionary with a passion for designing user-friendly interfaces that delight and engage. From his position as a graphic designer at Puuridee, the best marketing and communication agency in Groningen, he has been working on crafting engaging user experiences for over fifteen years. 

Yan's mission is to give every client a suitable corporate identity that fits like a glove, which everyone can be proud of and is relevant to their target group. That is the challenge he likes to take on with every brand design. The elaboration in the media is the icing on the cake. From print to online, style comes to life and ensures recognisability and action.

After delighting audiences at LOOKBEYOND23 with his session on how to create content for digital campaigns using screens, this year Yan will be speaking about the intersection of marketing and digital signs alongside his colleagues at Puuridee.


Anco Drent –  A Deep Dive into Content Strategy at LOOKBEYOND


Anco Drent is the art director who not only believes in making brands better but also wants to move people by creating stories, experiences and distinctive expressions. Anco loves taking over 2000 photos every holiday, combines recipes and is a proud ad freak. 

With more than fifteen years of experience in creative design, branding and visual storytelling, Anco has been working alongside his colleagues at Puuridee. He helps companies, municipalities and NGOs in the north of the Netherlands improve their visual communication strategies. 

Join Anco at this year's LOOKBEYOND event and learn all about the synergy between marketing and digital signage. Together with Yan and Amrand, Anco will give his insights into what makes an effective content strategy from a design perspective.


Armand Erenstein – Digital Marketing Meets Cross-Media Strategy


Armand Erenstein is a marketing strategist with expertise in crafting compelling campaigns that drive engagement and conversions, specialising in marketing strategies.

What makes Armand's work so much fun? That one day he can think about a corporate identity or website during a work session and the next day he can devote himself completely to a social media campaign. In short, he is an expert in every marketing-related aspect.

The fact that the industry is constantly changing does not stop Armand. He therefore tries to stay informed of all new developments. From AI to Google Performance Max campaigns and E-commerce to lead generation; he does everything he can to provide the best possible advice. Is there something he does not yet know? Then he dives in completely!

Join Armand and his colleagues for an insightful roundtable discussion and gain valuable insights into the power of branding, marketing, and (UX) design in today's digital world, with a specific focus on leveraging these disciplines to create effective digital signage solutions.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about LOOKBEYOND. All you need to do is fill in your email address and we will make sure to send you the latest news every month straight into your inbox. 

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