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Official LOOKBEYOND23 Partners

We're thrilled to announce the official LOOKBEYOND23 partners. United by the shared vision of creating a community for MagicINFO & VXT experts and enthusiasts, our partners Samsung Electronics, ScreenCom, and the Global Signage Alliance, are gearing up to make this event a truly memorable one.

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The official LOOKBEYOND sponsors for 2023

Samsung Electronics

A titan in the technology world, Samsung's influence spans across many different sectors, most notably consumer electronics. Renowned for its relentless pursuit of innovation, Samsung has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible, offering cutting-edge digital signage solutions.

"We're incredibly excited to be partnering with LOOKBEYOND23, a platform that fosters innovation and collaboration in the digital signage industry. This is an opportunity for us to engage with the community, share insights, and further our commitment to the evolution of the digital signage landscape," said Pete Colquitt, Samsung’s spokesperson.


ScreenCom is an innovative signage company offering dynamic digital signage solutions for businesses across the globe. Known for its focus on providing high-quality, reliable, and versatile solutions, ScreenCom has carved out a significant niche in the industry.

"We, at ScreenCom, see the value in coming together as an industry at events. We're excited to be the company behind LOOKBEYOND23, and are ready to learn, share and contribute to the vibrant community of digital signage enthusiasts," commented Bastiaan Amsing, CEO and co-founder of ScreenCom.

The Global Signage Alliance

The Global Signage Alliance is a respected organization that focuses on promoting the adoption of digital signage solutions across the world. Its efforts to unify the industry, encourage shared learning, and foster innovation align perfectly with the goals of LOOKBEYOND23.

"The Global Signage Alliance is delighted to partner with LOOKBEYOND23. The event embodies our shared values of learning, collaboration, and innovation, offering a unique platform for the industry's best minds to connect and inspire each other," stated Mark Ossel, Chairman of the Global Signage Alliance.

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Reasons to Become a LOOKBEYOND23 Sponsor 

Becoming a sponsor for LOOKBEYOND23 offers numerous benefits, ensuring your brand gets the recognition it deserves. For example, as a sponsor, you'll be able to:

  1. Position your brand at the event: Your company will be listed as a sponsor on the LOOKBEYOND23 website, mentioned in our social media posts, and featured in our monthly newsletter.
  2. Share your expertise and insights: Present to a highly engaged audience of professionals looking to expand their knowledge in the signage industry. Your brand gets the spotlight at the first MagicINFO & VXT virtual event, showcasing your industry leadership.
  3. Meet like-minded MagicINFO & VXT experts and enthusiasts: Engage with individuals from various parts of the globe, exchange ideas, and forge valuable connections. Enhance your professional network and contribute to the broader community of signage enthusiasts at LOOKBEYOND23.

We invite you to join us and look beyond the ordinary at LOOKBEYOND23. It's an opportunity to leave a mark on the signage industry and contribute to shaping its future.

Contact our marketing team for more information about the sponsorship opportunities: info@screencom.eu

Join LOOKBEYOND23 via the EVent aPP

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