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LOOKBEYOND23: First online event for digital signage, MagicINFO & VXT

We are excited to announce that the first edition of LOOKBEYOND23 is scheduled for 1st Nov 2023. During the first digital signage online event for MagicINFO & VXT experts and data-driven signage enthusiasts, you can meet with other like-minded individuals, and learn industry insights, and valuable tips from leading experts in the field. Read until the end to find out more about the virtual event.

What is LOOKBEYOND23? - An online digital signage workshop 

The idea behind LOOKBEYOND23 is to create a space for MagicINFO and VXT pros and data-driven signage enthusiasts who are always looking forward to expanding their knowledge about Samsung digital signage solutions. During the online digital signage workshop, you’ll have access to digital signage lectures led by top MagicINFO and VXT pros, how-to training sessions with seasoned experts, panel discussions with industry-thought leaders, and much more! 

At LOOKBEYOND23, our guest speakers will have the opportunity to share their expertise in different formats: standalone presentations, panel discussions, how-to sessions, and case studies. Here’re the themes that LOOKBEYOND23 will cover:

  • Monetize your digital signage investment
  • Digital signage and security
  • Digital signage content creation
  • Digital signage and technologies 
  • Digital signage and innovation
  • Digital signage and sustainability


Reasons to visit LOOKBEYOND23

LOOKBEYOND23 is a virtual MagicINFO and VXT conference that is suitable for digital signage enthusiasts with any level of experience and understanding of the platforms. Whether you have decades of experience under your belt or are just starting with digital signage, LOOKBEYOND23 has something for everyone

This is not just another virtual event; it's designed to empower MagicINFO and VXT users and foster meaningful connections within the digital signage community. If that’s not enough to make you sign up, here’re are some more reasons why you should join us on 1st Nov 2023:


Join LOOKBEYOND via the EVent aPP


1. Learn from industry leaders: 

At LOOKBEYOND23, top professionals will provide you with valuable tips, useful advice, and best practices in the field of digital signage. You will get the chance to learn from their experience and level up your digital signage game. Join us and stay on top of trends!

2. Global networking platform: 

This digital signage online event is organized with the main idea to act as a hub for international networking, allowing digital signage enthusiasts from different backgrounds to meet, share ideas, and create fruitful alliances. At LOOKBEYOND23, you’ll have the chance to interact with like-minded people, business professionals, and possible partners, developing deep connections that may open up new prospects.

3. Inspiring success stories: 

Real-world success stories from delighted clients who have used MagicINFO and VXT solutions to accomplish outstanding outcomes will be featured in LOOKBEYOND23. These case studies will demonstrate digital signage's potential and game-changing effects, giving you useful tips and inspiration to improve your own campaigns.

4. Tailored for MagicINFO and VXT users: 

Digital signage and sustainability, monetizing digital signage, digital signage content strategy, digital signage technologies, and innovation in digital signage are just a few of the subjects that will be covered in-depth at the event. You will learn in-depth information, uncover fresh opportunities, and pick up useful skills to make the most of MagicINFO and VXT.

5. Deep dive into data-driven digital signage:

At LOOKBEYOND23, we’ll also give a glimpse of the future, together. Leading industry experts will talk about how to connect data and sensors via external applications to your digital signage network. Even decision-making via AI is an interesting tool to discover.


Who’s behind LOOKBEYOND23?

LOOKBEYOND23 is brought to you by ScreenCom–the all-in-one specialist for data-driven future-ready digital signage solutions on MagicINFO, as well as signage ecosystems, data drive, automation, smart cities, and more. Our team has over a decade of experience in training, support, and consultancy with digital signage software. 

During that time, not only did we turn into a leading MagicINFO distributor but we fostered valuable partnerships with Samsung–one of the main event sponsors for LOOKBEYOND23. ScreenCom is also a member of the Global Signage Alliance (GSA) which is the second major sponsor of the virtual conference. With the help of the tech giant and international alliance, we hope to bring this digital signage online event to the right people. 

Connect with industry leaders, expand your network, and gain inspiration from real success stories. Tailored for MagicINFO and VXT users, this virtual event covers topics like sustainability, monetization, content strategy, and innovation. Join us to learn valuable tips, forge partnerships, and enhance your digital signage projects. Don't wait, secure your spot at LOOKBEYOND23 and unlock the potential of MagicINFO and VXT.

Join LOOKBEYOND via the EVent aPP

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