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The Making of LOOKBEYOND23: Exclusive Interview with Bastiaan Amsing

In today's blog, you will discover how LOOKBEYOND, the first MagicINFO and VXT online dedicated event came to be. Keep reading to look beyond the eyes of Bastiaan Amsing, the CEO and founder of ScreenCom, MagicInfo Services, and the GSA-Global Signage Alliance, key event partners for this year's edition of LOOKBEYOND. 

If you haven't already, pre-register to attend LOOKBEYOND23 and join the digital signage revolution. Get access to digital signage lectures led by top MagicINFO and VXT pros, how-to training sessions with seasoned experts, panel discussions with industry thought leaders, and much more! 


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The Origin Story of LOOKBEYOND23

The creation of LOOKBEYOND was catalyzed by a desire to share expertise and understanding about digital signage software solutions such as MagicInfo and VXT, and elucidate the intricacies of the latest innovations in digital signage. 


In the words of Bastiaan, the brain behind the initiative, "I want to let everybody know what you can do with the software. I believe creating a virtual event is the best way to do so. Because at first, you can reach a vast audience so you don't have to do something that is only in Europe or in the Netherlands, where I come from, but from a larger perspective, you can reach out to anyone no matter where they are located. And I believe we have a lot of knowledge that we need to share with the outside world." 

Key Players at LOOKBEYOND23


When it comes to discussing influential figures present at LOOKBEYOND23, one can anticipate the presence of experts from Samsung, offering their unique perspectives on their groundbreaking products. Equally vital are the end-users and system integrators whose daily hands-on experience with the software lends unparalleled authenticity to the event.


"I have had many different talks or discussions with several people in the working field. I know that MagicInfo is a niche because there are so many different digital science software solutions out there. But, for instance, when I was talking to someone who is an expert user of MagicINFO, I realized his story about all the utilities he created will never reach the right public in the market. If we have that kind of people and those stories in a LOOKBEYOND event, then at least he has the right audience, so he can tell the story to the market. Also, this is a very interesting story that people can learn from and also see what is possible with digital signage nowadays. That's why I'm here," added Bastiaan. 

ScreenCom's Vision for LOOKBEYOND23

Bastiaan envisages LOOKBEYOND as an annual event, showcasing the innovative work being done at ScreenCom and offering value to attendees by helping them realize their digital signage goals.


"If we talk about sensor-based signage, AI-driven signage, or data-driven signage, AI-driven is a little bit too much, but data-driven signage, reaching the goals that people want to achieve with digital signage in general terms and then looking at what the most sustainable solution is for that. I believe our event is quite unique and valuable, as it involves software that is designed to operate intricate display systems", continued Bastiaan. 

Glimpsing Key Topics at LOOKBEYOND23: Monetizing Your Digital Signage Investment

A significant theme at LOOKBEYOND23 will be exploring how to monetize your digital signage network. This includes reducing cost infrastructure and optimizing data flow within a company. 

Bastiaan, who is also one of the key event speakers scheduled for this year's edition suggests intriguing possibilities of blending digital technology with automation: "One of my main interests at the moment is how you can monetize your digital signage network, which is what I want to talk about in one of my sessions at LOOKBEYOND23. Monetizing your digital signage network or ecosystem can be done in several ways. One of the ways is to learn how you can reduce your cost infrastructure. Fewer people, that's an important one, I think. But also, how to optimize your data flow within the company."

LOOKBEYOND23: The Exciting Journey Ahead

The most thrilling aspect of LOOKBEYOND23, as Bastiaan points out, is its virtual nature, enabling attendees to jump between multiple sessions, absorb a wealth of knowledge, and revisit the sessions later via recorded videos. The event shines a spotlight on sustainability, profitability, and the next level of signage solutions, making it an unmissable opportunity for both MagicInfo and Samsung VXT users and others interested in digital signage.


"This is why LOOKBEYOND23 is a must-attend event for MagicInfo and Samsung VXT users, and perhaps those outside this user base as well. If you're interested in digital signage, if you want to look for affordable, stable, and sustainable solutions on the market, Samsung is one of the major market leaders in the professional display market. And it is free! If you pre-register now, you don't have to pay anything for attending." 

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