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Bastiaan Amsing

Bastiaan (1080 × 1080 px)

Bastiaan Amsing is an active board member of the Global Signage Alliance, the global not-for-profit industry trade association dedicated to promoting and increasing the adoption of future-proof digital signage solutions. He has been involved in the signage industry for over 12 years. With a strong participation of key industry stakeholders including solution providers in the areas of signage as a service, hardware distribution, software solutions, installation, integration and development services, and end-users, the GSA combines the forces of all members to create an interoperability standard/framework and ecosystem to help realize the next generation of digital signage.

Bastiaan is the founder of the IT company ScreenCom and co-owner of PuurIDee a marketing and communication company. Furthermore, Bastiaan is actively involved in various Technology and creativity user groups.

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