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Dinesh Singh

Dinesh Singh-3

Navigating through over 28 years in marketing, business development, and channel sales, Dinesh Singh has sculpted a reputable niche as a marketer intricately versed in the analytical and creative dimensions of the field. A University of Oregon graduate with a rich professional journey weaving through diverse industries including film, property, and brand marketing, Dinesh has notably propelled membership and engagement in the notable National University of Singapore Society by leveraging online and on-ground platforms. His insights and adept marketing strategies aren’t just practiced, but shared, as he graces marketing conferences and journals with his expert knowledge.

Anchoring his substantial professional journey, Dinesh extends his leadership to significant community roles, including the presidency of the Club Managers’ Association (Singapore) and vice-chairmanship of the Sikh Welfare Council, where his extensive marketing and brand-building acumen are mobilised to advance their respective causes. In every facet of his life, Dinesh seamlessly blends comprehensive marketing expertise with a heartfelt commitment to community and family.

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