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Hana Duchackova

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Hana Duchackova is a dynamic, forward-thinking leader who deeply focuses on harnessing technology to enhance business efficiency and innovation. At Deloitte, she brings her expertise in automation strategy to the forefront, creating innovative solutions for business efficiency and the transformation of business operations. Prior to Deloitte, Hana held pivotal roles at The Adecco Group and Fortuna Entertainment Group. There, she established and directed an Intelligent Automation & AI Centre of Excellence (CoE), implementing robust automation use cases across various business areas and contributing significantly to business transformation. Renowned for her focus on automation strategy and business process transformation, Hana regularly shares her insights at events and conferences and in professional publications.

Hana thrives in environments that encourage change and innovation. Her results-oriented approach and dedication to simplicity, common sense, and logic have made her a trusted and respected leader in her field.

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