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Yan Mulder


Yan Mulder is a creative visionary with a passion for designing user-friendly interfaces that delight and engage. From his position as a graphic designer at Puuridee, the best marketing and communication agency in Groningen, he has been working on crafting engaging user experiences for over fifteen years. 

Yan's mission is to give every client a suitable corporate identity that fits like a glove, which everyone can be proud of and is relevant to their target group. That is the challenge he likes to take on with every brand design. The elaboration in media is the icing on the cake. From print to online, style comes to life and ensures recognisability and action.

After delighting audiences at LOOKBEYOND23 with his session on how to create content for digital campaigns using screens, this year Yan will be speaking about the intersection of marketing and digital signs alongside his colleagues at Puuridee. 

Get ready and stay tuned!

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