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A day in the life of a digital signage professional

Digital signage is the glitter of the urban landscape. Everywhere you turn, there's another shiny display vying for your attention. It's at your local sports center, guiding you toward the nearest snack bar. It's on your commute home, inside the bus, letting you know where you'll be arriving. But beyond these displays lies a bustling world of professionals ensuring the entire show runs smoothly. In this article, we'll talk about the different sectors involved in a digital signage company. And no, they aren't all IT experts. 


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Digital Signage Means Marketing


For some, it's just a screen with a vibrant display. But for the marketing team in a digital signage company, it's a canvas. A canvas where narratives play out, emotions are touched, and brands get to tell their stories. They are the storytellers of the digital age. With a mix of graphic designers, copywriters, and strategists, the marketing department meticulously crafts each message for the target audience.


Creating a successful digital signage campaign is no mere child's play. It requires a thorough understanding of consumer behavior, a touch of design zing, and a dash of linguistic flair. Together, these elements are combined to create content that doesn't just catch the eye but lingers. 

Digital Signage Means Working in Quality Control


Behind every radiant display is an army of quality control experts ensuring that the screen doesn't falter. Picture this: An audience captivated by a mesmerizing advertisement and then, poof! A glitch disrupts the experience. Not on a quality controller's watch.


These maestros of perfection are responsible for making sure every pixel is in its place. They run regular diagnostic checks, address potential issues, and liaise with hardware vendors to ensure a seamless viewing experience. They are the unsung heroes, ever vigilant, always ensuring that the spectacle remains uninterrupted.

Digital Signage Means Sales


Imagine a digital signage display as a concert. The screen is the stage, the content is the artist, but the sales team? They're the promoters. They're the ones who convince businesses that a digital signage solution is what they need to enhance their brand's visibility.


"A digital signage sales professional isn't just selling software; they're selling an experience. They understand the power of digital storytelling and translate this into tangible benefits for potential clients. From small businesses to multinational corporations, they navigate diverse clients, understanding their needs, and tailoring solutions to match. It's an art, a science, and a little bit of magic," says Joey Mensen who has been working as a Business Developer in the Sales team of MagicInfo Services. 

Digital Signage Means Data Analysis


It's not just about creating pretty pictures. In this age of big data, understanding viewer behavior is crucial. Enter the data analysts of the digital signage world. These number-crunchers delve deep into metrics to gauge the effectiveness of each campaign.


Which displays capture the most attention? At what times? For how long? Are viewers interacting with touchscreen features? All these questions and more are dissected and understood. This data is then turned into actionable insights, fine-tuning future campaigns and ensuring maximum impact. In a world constantly evolving, they keep the industry ahead of the curve.


Digital Signage Means Customer Support and Training


Beyond the glitz of digital displays lies the heart of the post-purchase experience: Customer Support and Training. These teams don't just troubleshoot; they build lasting relationships. When glitches arise, support swiftly steps in, minimizing disruptions and ensuring seamless operation. Their role is pivotal, bridging the gap between advanced tech and everyday usability.


But there's more than just reactive help. Training teams are the unsung educators of the digital signage realm. They familiarize clients with the ins and outs of their systems, from content management nuances to the intricacies of interactive features. Through workshops and tailored sessions, they ensure clients harness the full power of their digital tools. As the industry evolves, training adapts, keeping clients updated and confident. Together, Support and Training transform a product purchase into a dynamic partnership, emphasizing not just the screen, but the empowered individuals behind it.

In conclusion, working in digital signage is not just for those with a degree in computer science. It's a symphony of different teams, each playing their part to perfection. From crafting compelling narratives to ensuring flawless delivery, the industry thrives on collaboration and innovation. So, the next time you're captivated by a digital display, remember the myriad of professionals behind it, working tirelessly to bring that experience to life.


Join LOOKBEYOND via the EVent aPP


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