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LOOKBEYOND23 Topics: A Journey into the Future of Digital Signage

As technology keeps evolving at an unprecedented pace, the field of digital signage is going through transformative changes. By attending the first edition of the online event LOOKBEYOND you can stay ahead of the latest tech developments while learning from digital signage experts about a variety of topics. Today's article will introduce you to the topics that LOOKBEYOND23 is set to feature, helping you decide which sessions are most suitable for your goals with digital signage. Before continuing, we'd like to thank everyone for their input regarding the event topics. Your suggestions are always welcome and we will keep taking them into consideration. 

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Do you have an exciting idea about a topic related to digital signage that we are not yet covering at this year's edition of LOOKBEYOND? We believe that your input as a participant is crucial in creating an appealing program that caters to your interests and needs. You can easily fill in the form that pops up after pre-registering to share your ideas and suggestions with us. We promise to listen carefully and take them into account while designing the event's agenda.


#1 TOPIC: Content Creation for Digital Signage 


In the digital signage field, content is not merely king; it is the lifeblood that propels brands to the forefront of consumer consciousness. The art of crafting compelling narratives for digital signage requires a delicate balance of creativity, strategic thinking, and data-driven insights.


LOOKBEYOND23 will delve into the intricacies of content creation for digital signage. Learn how to devise content strategies that resonate with diverse audiences, incorporate the principles of visual design, and leverage the power of interactive elements. These insights will arm you with the necessary tools to drive engagement, foster brand loyalty, and amplify their messages in the digital age.

#2nd TOPIC: Digital Signage and Technologies 


With its state-of-the-art hardware and innovative software, Samsung is at the forefront of the latest tech developments. With an array of displays ranging from crystal-clear OLED screens to mammoth-sized QLED panels, Samsung’s digital signage hardware caters to various business needs. These displays aren't just mere screens; they are a blend of art and technology, designed meticulously for durability, clarity, and energy efficiency. Whether it’s for an outdoor advertising campaign battling the elements or an indoor presentation requiring the finest detail, Samsung has proven time and again why they're the industry leader.


However, it’s their signage software solutions that amplify the power of these displays. MagicInfo is a robust digital signage platform allowing businesses to manage content across multiple screens seamlessly, integrating real-time data and offering remote device control. VXT, Samsung's newest CMS is a digital signage content management solution that is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Built on Small Office Home Office (SOHO) architecture, VXT CMS provides a user-friendly platform that requires minimal IT resources.


Together, Samsung's hardware and software forge a dynamic digital signage ecosystem. This synergy ensures vivid content delivery while streamlining backend operations. As LOOKBEYOND23 unfolds, attendees can anticipate a deep dive into Samsung's role in redefining digital signage hardware and software solutions. 

#3rd TOPIC: Digital Signage and Innovation 


Innovation is the watchword of the 21st century, shaping industries and molding consumer expectations. Digital signage, too, is in the middle of an innovative revolution, evolving from mere advertising mediums to sophisticated, interactive channels of communication.


At LOOKBEYOND23, the topic of digital signage and innovation means navigating the landscape of inventive strategies and avant-garde concepts redefining the industry. From unique use cases to the transformative role of data analytics, this exploration will shine a light on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and the Internet of Things, and their impact on digital signage systems. Uncover the transformative potential of these technologies in enhancing personalization, creating immersive experiences, and streamlining operations.

#4th TOPIC: Digital Signage and Sustainability 


As global consciousness shifts towards sustainable practices, digital signage cannot afford to lag. Embracing green initiatives in digital signage is no longer a choice, but a corporate obligation and a key factor in consumer perception.


Digital signage and sustainability, a pivotal theme at LOOKBEYOND23, will underscore the importance of energy-efficient systems, sustainable materials, and eco-conscious policies. Engage in enlightening discussions around creating eco-friendly content, implementing power-saving technologies, and the role digital signage plays in promoting sustainability.

#5th TOPIC: Monetizing Your Digital Signage Investment


Digital signage, beyond being a medium of communication, has the potential to be a significant revenue generator. However, unlocking this potential requires strategic planning and an intimate understanding of monetization avenues.


Discover a multitude of strategies to maximize returns on your digital signage investment at LOOKBEYOND23. Unlock the potential for revenue generation through engaging ad networks, interactive campaigns, and valuable partnerships. Let us guide you towards optimizing your digital signage investment and reaping substantial financial benefits.. Dive into the world of ad networks, partnerships, and interactive campaigns that not only foster brand engagement but also provide substantial financial benefits.

#6th TOPIC: Digital Signage and Security 


In an increasingly interconnected world, the issue of security looms large. With the proliferation of digital signage networks, protecting these systems from breaches and ensuring data privacy has become paramount.


The discourse on digital signage and security at LOOKBEYOND23 will unravel the complexities of safeguarding digital signage systems. Gain a deeper understanding of cybersecurity threats, best practices for secure network design, and the importance of regulatory compliance in a world where data protection is non-negotiable.

LOOKBEYOND23 presents an exciting opportunity to delve into the intricate tapestry of digital signage, fostering a deeper understanding and sparking ideas that will shape the industry's future. Each of these topics forms a thread in that tapestry, collectively offering a holistic view of the current digital signage landscape and its potential trajectory. Together, let's look beyond and envision the future of digital signage.


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