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Introducing the Speakers at LOOKBEYOND23 Event - Part 1

The highly-anticipated first edition of LOOKBEYOND23 is scheduled to take place on 1st Nov 2023. This groundbreaking event promises to be an immersive experience for all attendees. In this article, we'll introduce you to the first part of our lineup of reputable speakers who will be sharing their expertise and insights.


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1. Mark Ossel, Executive Chairman of the Global Signage Alliance

With a distinguished career spanning back to 1979, Mark Ossel is an esteemed figure in both the energy and technology sectors. As the Chairman of the Board for the Global Signage Alliance (GSA) and Stichting Vrienden van Het Behouden Huys, his influence and expertise extend to various domains. Throughout his career, Mark has held significant roles in sales, marketing, and leadership, accumulating invaluable insights that he will be sharing at the event.


2. Peter Colquitt, Business Development Manager and Project Lead at Samsung Electronics

Bringing over 15 years of experience to the table, Peter Colquitt is a seasoned veteran in the tech domain. Currently serving as the Business Development Manager and Project Lead at Samsung Electronics, Pete's deep-rooted knowledge in the digital signage hardware and software makes him a highly sought-after speaker at the event. With his extensive industry knowledge, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights and perspectives on the future of digital signage.


3. Bastiaan Amsing, Treasurer of the Global Signage Alliance

As an active board member of the Global Signage Alliance, Bastiaan Amsing holds a pivotal role in promoting and advancing future-proof digital signage solutions. With over 12 years of experience in the signage industry, Bastiaan is the CEO and co-founder of ScreenCom, an IT company, and co-owner of PuurIDee, a marketing and communication company. His extensive involvement in various technology and creativity user groups makes him an invaluable asset to the LOOKBEYOND23 event.


4. Wybren Jongstra, General Manager at ScreenCom

In the realm of digital signage innovation, Wybren Jongstra stands as the General Manager at MagicInfo Services by ScreenCom. With a relentless pursuit of creating custom MagicINFO-powered solutions, Wybren is dedicated to forging meaningful brand-audience connections through digital signage. With close to a decade of experience sharing profound insights through webinars and training sessions, Wybren offers a unique perspective on transforming business strategies with data-driven solutions.


5. Joey Mensen, Business Developer at ScreenCom

A familiar face in the MagicINFO community, Joey Mensen serves as a Business Developer for MagicInfo Services by ScreenCom. His passion for educating others about MagicINFO is evident through his regular contributions to YouTube videos, webinars, and hands-on training sessions. Joey plays a vital role in the company's educational initiatives, empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to master MagicINFO effectively.


Join LOOKBEYOND via the EVent aPP


As we pre-register attendees for LOOKBEYOND23, we anticipate a virtual event like no other, uniting industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts in the digital signage community. The expertise and insights of the LOOKBEYOND23 speakers will undoubtedly make this a transformative experience for all participants.

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to gain inspiration, connect with professionals, and unlock the full potential of MagicINFO & VXT. Mark your calendars for 1st Nov 2023 and join us at LOOKBEYOND23 for an immersive digital signage journey.

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