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Leveraging Digital Signage: Key Insights from LOOKBEYOND23

LOOKBEYOND23, the pioneering virtual gathering for visionaries and experts in the digital signage sector, recently wrapped up, offering a trove of valuable insights. The event highlighted the most recent trends and advancements in digital signage, a dynamic visual medium that has become a vital component of the marketing strategy for global businesses.

Exploring interactive kiosks, harnessing data analytics, and employing trigger-based sensors – LOOKBEYOND23 provided a platform for industry experts to exchange insights, experiences, and forecasts for the future of this influential medium. Join us as we examine the standout moments and most compelling highlights from the 22 enlightening sessions at this pioneering event.


Key Insights from the Best Sessions at LOOKBEYOND23

LOOKBEYOND23 was an invaluable source of knowledge for those genuinely committed to harnessing the full potential of digital signage. The event offered a wealth of information and opportunities for networking, ensuring that participants left the event equipped with a deep understanding of how to make the most of this powerful communication tool in today's dynamic digital landscape. From cutting-edge trends to practical implementation tips, LOOKBEYOND23 was a comprehensive hub for professionals seeking to unlock the true capabilities of digital signage for their businesses and projects. 

The Art of Impactful Digital Signage Content Creation 

LOOKBEYOND23 offered important insights for businesses seeking to utilise digital signage. It emphasised the critical nature of having a well-defined strategy and comprehending the target audience. Without these elements, even the most advanced digital signage solutions can fall flat.

During his session on Creating Digital Signage Content, Yan Mulder, a seasoned digital signage content designer, delved into the role of digital signage software in creating impactful marketing campaigns. To put it in a nutshell, Yan stressed the need for a well-defined strategy that outlines the purpose, target audience, design, and placement of digital signage content. He warned that digital signage can become just another screen displaying random content without a clear strategy.


Samsung's VXT Update: The Future of Content Management Systems


The speakers also emphasised the significance of selecting software that is in line with the company's strategy and goals, while being user-friendly and manageable. Here is where Samsung VXT shines according to Pete Colquitt, the Business Development Manager and Project Lead at Samsung Electronics. During his LOOKBEYOND23 session, Pete took attendees on a virtual tour of the latest advancements in Samsung's VXT platform, providing a firsthand look at how VXT is reshaping the digital signage landscape. With features such as real-time analytics and dynamic content scheduling, VXT promises to be the next big CMS from Samsung. 

Using Gesture Control, NFC and Trigger-based Sensors to Elevate The Customer Experience 

Another key lesson was the power of making the customer experience more interactive. With advances in technology, digital signage now offers the potential for elevating marketing strategies by leveraging gesture control technologies. At LOOKBEYOND23, we had multiple sessions covering this topic. For instance, Dr. Johannes Tröger, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at AMERIA, discussed how gesture control technologies can be applied in digital signage. Attendees in this session had the chance to familiarise themselves with the most recent advancements in gesture control technology and explore its potential in creating engaging digital signage experiences.



The Importance of Sustainability in Digital Signage 

The LOOKBEYOND23 conference dedicated an enlightening session to underscore the importance of sustainability in digital signage. During this session 

Bastiaan Amsing and Bjørn Pieper enlightened participants on the importance of sustainability in the digital signage industry, exploring how businesses can integrate eco-friendly practices into their digital signage strategies. 

This important event reminded us that as technology progresses, we must not neglect our duty to reduce environmental impacts. Attendees were enthusiastic about incorporating eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient screens, and creative approaches to reduce the carbon footprint of digital signage setups. This emphasis on sustainability not only aligns with global environmental goals but also resonates with consumers who increasingly prioritise eco-conscious brands such as Samsung.

Automating Digital Signage Content with the MagicINFO Widget Marketplace

One of the main features of LOOKBEYOND23 was the unveiling of the MagicINFO Widget Marketplace, a groundbreaking enhancement to the MagicINFO software that promises to revolutionise digital signage experiences. 

Wybren Jongstra, the General Manager of ScreenCom, showcased the wonderful work that the team has been doing to ensure everyone who uses MagicINFO has access to user-friendly widgets that keep people up to date with the latest news, traffic and weather updates, among many others. 


Strategies for Monetising Digital Signage Investments 

Conclusively, a panel discussion with ScreenCom CEO Bastiaan Amsing, SDS Solutions CEO Bjørn Pieper, and EWQ CTO Mikael Krogius delved into the strategies for monetising digital signage and overcoming growth obstacles.

The panellists shared insights on diversifying revenue streams by exploring advertising, content partnerships, and data-driven insights. Emphasising the shift towards programmatic advertising for its targeted, automated placements, they underscored digital signage's efficacy in enhancing revenue. Utilising data analytics was pointed out as essential for understanding audience preferences, enabling personalised content, and thereby, boosting engagement and profitability. The panel members agreed that flexibility is essential in the rapidly changing digital signage industry to take advantage of new technologies and trends.


LOOKBEYOND23 served as a resourceful space for businesses and industry professionals seeking to leverage the full potential of digital signage using Samsung's MagicINFO and VXT. The event highlighted the importance of strategy be it sustainability or content creation, the importance of choosing the right digital signage software, and the potential of innovative digital signage solutions. It also offered insights into the future trends in digital signage, underscoring the growing significance of data-driven content, user-friendly solutions and interactive experiences.

As digital signage continues to evolve, businesses need to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies to maximise their marketing efforts. Stay updated with the latest LOOKBEYOND developments and continue exploring the boundless potential of digital signage.

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